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Explore the Route 7 Corridor

City Life – Suburbs – Farms & Vineyards – Mountains

Route 7 is the original Farm to Market route in Northern Virginia spanning from the farmlands of western Loudoun County and ending at the country’s original and longest running famers market at the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria. There are many stops along the way providing many things to see and do as well as match your changing life style for home!

Let me be your guide to a place I call home, Northern Virginia!

Northern Virginia is my Home & Passion!

Finding home by matching your life style to all that Northern Virginia has to offer is my passion. As a 30 year technology consultant, I studied markets and customers, matching requirements in delivering solutions – no two clients shared exactly the same values. Now I am privileged to apply my passion for evaluating markets and solutions to clients finding home everyday. My own life has evolved along The Route 7 Corridor and the rivers that flank its boundaries. It would be my honor to share my passion for the area with you – Let’s go Explore!

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