Why Attend an Open House as a Buyer?

Open Houses are great events to attend 6 – 12 months prior to your home search. The Open Houses is the event hosted by the Realtor representing the Seller with the objectives to:

  • Drive Interest
  • Drive Urgency

Don’t get caught up in the urgency emotions of the other attendees and don’t think of early stage Open House attendance as finding “the house”, it is about refining your requirements.

In today’s video we discuss your objectives as an early stage buyer:

  • Location & Neighborhood
  • Style & Non-Negotiables
  • Virtual to Reality
  • BONUS: Realtors – the opportunity to meet and interview agents

If you have questions about how to approach the market, lenders, interest rates, the process and where to begin, let’s talk through your questions – Information is King!

Be sure to check out the Neighborhoods of The Route 7 Corridor  and use the Mortgage Calculator to see what your buying power holds!

I look forward to supporting you soon!

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