Selling Your Home with an Open House

Using the Open House as a marketing tool in selling your home successfully. There are strong feelings on holding open houses but as I say, “you get out of it what you put into it”! I have sold 5+ homes during open houses (for other agents I might add), it is possible and should be on your list of objectives.

Take a listen as we discuss the following and how it’s done today:

  • Generate Interest and Urgency
  • Value
  • Virtual to Reality

BONUS: Succeed in Preparing and Prepare to Succeed!

If you have questions about running a successful coming soon campaign, positioning and listing your home and during this market, let’s talk about your situation – marketing and technology are my passion!

Be sure to check out the Neighborhoods of The Route 7 Corridor  and use the Mortgage Calculator to see what your buying power holds!

I look forward to supporting you soon!