2023 Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast

It’s that reflective time of year again when looking back uncovers the path forward for so many things, but especially for revisiting how we connect to our surrounding environments, our stories, our relationships, and our simple daily joys. Terra, our Colormix 2023 Forecast®, is here and the collection embraces this renewed sense of growth and connection in our lives. “We’re on a journey to experience beautiful, living color as we evolve,” says Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing. “Our connection to the Earth, fond memories, and future hopes are what will influence our perspective in the months that come.” 


Dining room scene with wall painted in Homburg Gray.

 Featured Color: Homburg Gray SW 7622

Keeping Up with Color

Evolution is an important component of color forecasting. Sue and her team developed Terra with the belief that color trends grow organically, building and adapting over time. “What I love about forecasting is capturing the continuum of color trends, and you’ll notice that our Sherwin-Williams 2020 and 2021 Colors of the Year – Urbane Bronze SW 7048 and Evergreen Fog SW 9130 – are both included in this palette. I pull in our past colors of the year for a few seasons because the colors are still relevant. Our 2023 forecast builds on the direction that design’s been moving in, providing continuity as trends continue to evolve.” It’s about balancing what’s new with what’s familiar, a motion toward the future while also embracing the past and present.

This approach to developing a forecast helps us all stay on trend while building our home’s color story in fresh and unique directions that can still feel personal and meaningful. And, as many of us continue to work and live in the same space – spending much more time inside now – the colors we use in our living spaces are more important than ever. Crafting comfortable, cozy spaces that we love grounds us and connects us with a more uplifting feeling of comfort and familiarity with our homes, our people, and ourselves.


Wooden table with materials and color swatches that represent the nexus palette flatlay.
Concepting the Nexus Palette


Rooted in Reality

Color collections have exciting stories to tell, and this one happens to have four. The 40 trend colors of Terra encompass four smaller, curated palettes of inspiring hues that invite us to imagine a creative and colorful future of bold changes and meaningful experiences. The BiomeLoreNexus, and Origin palettes feature expressive, thoughtfully chosen colors that bring this to life. When we created palettes this year, it was the earth itself that anchored the choices,” says Wadden. “Even though we are always surrounded by digital life, we exist in a physical world. The colors we ended up with are deeply rooted in this reality.” At the heart of it all, nestled in the Nexus palette, you’ll find our 2023 Color of the Year, Redend Point – the soul of the collection.

Room image slices of Colormix colors.

Detail Shots from the BiomeLoreNexus, and Origin Palettes (Left to Right)


Beautiful, Inspired Color

Terra provides plenty of inspiration for transforming a space into something that feels unique and personal. Whether you’re looking to invite the tranquility of nature’s peace into your home with the rich earth tones, organic neutrals, and airy blues and greens of the Biome palette, or you lean more toward the depth and boldness of the rich reds, powdery pastels, and bold jewel tones of the Lore palette, you’ll discover a range of expressions and moods in these hues. Maybe it’s the nourishing, sunbaked desert tones of Nexus that embody the perfect soulful vibe for your home; and maybe you’re searching for the simple sense of joy conveyed in the energizing brights, magnetic deeps, and soft, restful neutrals of the Origin palette. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Terra can lead you there.


Kitchen with bold red color from the Origin palette.

Featured Colors: Pure White SW 7005 and Peppery SW 6615 


Which palette resonates most with you? Which one will help tell your story?  Check out the 2023 Colormix® Forecast further in our lookbook for inspiration and ideas for weaving these colors into your home. And be sure to let us know in the comments below which palette is speaking to you!








SOURCE: Post is sourced from the Sherwin-Williams Blog: Tinted


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