Easy Home DIYs to Try Over the Holidays

Home renovations may not be at the forefront of your mind during the holiday season, but the holidays can be a good time to take on some DIY projects. If you’re hosting family gatherings, you could complete some upgrades to make your home feel even cozier and inviting. If you have extra time off work, it can be a great opportunity to get a project done. Here are 10 easy DIYs to consider for this holiday season:


Paint or Wallpaper



Painting or wallpapering a room is a rewarding and fairly easy DIY project. Winter is the best season for interior painting because the low humidity helps the paint dry quickly and evenly. To paint like a pro, cover the entire floor and all furniture with drop cloths. Wash the walls to remove any dust or dirt, and fill in chips and cracks with spackle. Then, paint the edges of the walls along the ceiling and floor. After cutting in, you can coat the entire wall by painting overlapping W shapes.

Wallpaper has been a popular trend in the last few years and is a great way to transform your living space. To simplify the process of hanging wallpaper, you could get pre-pasted wallpaper. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is an even easier option.


Seal Windows and Doors



Drafty windows or doors can make your home miserable in the wintertime. Sealing the cracks will help keep your home comfortable and reduce your heating bill. First, scrape off the old caulk and thoroughly clean the area with liquid caulk remover or bleach. Then, cut off the end of the caulk tube tip at a 45-degree angle. Use the caulk gun to apply the caulk, keeping your wrists straight so that it forms a straight line. The caulk will need about 24 hours to dry.


Smart Devices



Smart lights, locks, doorbells, and other devices can make your home much more convenient. Many of them can be installed very quickly and simply. For instance, all you have to do to install smart lights is change your light bulbs. If you have a smart home system already, make sure any new devices you purchase are compatible.


New Faucets



A new kitchen or bathroom faucet can have a big impact on the room’s overall appearance. Start by removing everything from underneath the sink and turning off the water supply lines. Turn the faucet on to make sure no water comes out, and leave the faucet in that position to relieve water pressure.

Use a wrench to loosen and unhook the water supply lines. Next, you can unscrew the old faucet underneath the sink and pull it through the top of the sink to remove it. This is also a great time to deep-clean the area around the faucet. Your new faucet should come with a manual with instructions for installation. After securing the new faucet, reattach the water lines and tighten them with your wrench. Finally, you can turn the water supply valves back on.


Reupholster Furniture



If you have old or worn-out furniture, re-upholstering can be a great way to revitalize it. To reupholster a chair seat, measure the cushion to determine how much fabric you need. Add a few inches on all sides so that the fabric can fold over. Then, fold the fabric over the seat and secure it to the underside with a staple gun.




Light Fixtures



Upgrading the light fixtures is a simple way to make any room feel more elegant. Safety is the top concern when completing any projects that involve electricity, so the very first thing you should do is turn off all electricity to the room. If you have any concerns about your ability to do this project safely, you should consult an electrician.

All light fixtures are different, but you’ll probably remove the current fixture by removing the screws and unscrewing the mounting strap. Take note of the colors that are paired up so that you can replicate it with the new fixture. Then, pull off the wire connectors and untwist the wires. Now, you can install the new fixture’s mounting strap and carefully connect the wires by wrapping the exposed parts of the wires around each other. Twist on the wire connectors, wrap the copper wire around the green screw, and feed the wires behind the mounting strap. Lastly, you can screw in the new lighting fixture.


Upgrade Backsplash Tiling



Replacing the backsplash tiling in your kitchen can make a big difference in the room’s appearance. First, pry off the old tiles with a hammer and flat bar, and use a scraper to remove any remaining residue. You might also need to use sandpaper to remove the mastic.

Next, apply the mortar to the wall with a trowel and rub it smooth. After about 30 minutes, you can press the tiles into the mortar. The length of time it will take to cure depends on the materials you’re using, but the packaging should tell you. Once the tiles have cured, apply the grout to the joints.


Pantry Organization



Organizing your pantry is an excellent way to prepare for the holiday season. Holiday cooking, baking, and hosting can be chaotic, so prepping your pantry in advance is well worth the effort. You could build new shelves for your pantry or install rolling bins to keep everything organized. Clear plastic containers and DIY labels are also great organizational tools.


Fire Pit



If you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall, an outdoor project during the holidays may not be feasible. However, if there’s no snow on the ground in your location, you could start working on a fire pit that you can utilize in the warmer weather.

Choose a location that’s a safe distance from trees, shrubs, or outdoor fixtures. Before building the pit, call 811 to make sure you don’t dig where any wires are buried. Shovel out the grass in a circle to create a pit between 6 and 12 inches deep. Tamp down the dirt and make sure the surface is level. Then, you can fill the pit with gravel and arrange bricks around the pit’s perimeter.


Homemade Decor



Homemade holiday decor adds a beautiful personal touch to your house. Your options for DIY decor are virtually limitless. You could make throw pillows, candles, Christmas ornaments, or wreaths. DIY decorations are usually more budget-friendly than store-bought ones, and they can more closely match your personal style.



The holidays can be the perfect time to embark on some DIY projects around the house. Whether you want to switch up your decor, install upgrades throughout the home, or simply clean and reorganize, refreshing your space will make you feel great as you prepare for the holiday season.



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