Buyer Mastery – 2
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Buyer Mastery

Sharran has an impressive background… he is a former Goldman Sachs banker, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, an experienced real estate investor, and he has personally overseen the purchase and sale of thousands of homes. 

Sharran leads our company, Real, which is the fastest-growing, publicly-traded real estate brokerage in the world. (Google him!)

I’ve been to his zooms… and they are fast, fun, and wildly insightful. 

During the Buyer Mastery Session, Sharran will Cover:

- 4 key phases to every home buyer’s journey (based on 1,000+ home purchases)

- How to utilize constantly moving interest rates to work in your favor and get the home you want (at a monthly payment that works for you)

- 3 secrets every home buyer must know in today’s market (that nobody tells you about)

- “Seller Reverse Strategy” method to understand a seller’s strategy and how you can negotiate to get the terms you want 
- Single most important metric that you can utilize to predict home prices 

There will be no sals pitch of any kind!

As your trusted real estate agent, I wanted to personally invite you to this call.